Latest News

2019 Awards Banquet:

Awards Banquet preparation is in full swing. VDKA, Capital City Speedway and the VA/NC Pro Series will honor their top finishers at the 2018 awards banquet. Mark the calendar for February 2, 2019 at the American Legion, Mechanicsville, Virginia. Reserve your spots! Printable Registration Form

VDKA Announces Dates for 2019:

More details to follow, but these are the dates we are planning for in 2019: February 2 for the Awards Banquet; April 6, May 18, June 6, July 27, August 17, and September 14 for races; July 6 and September 5 for rain dates.

VDKA Moves November 3 Race to Capital City Speedway:

Brunswick Speedway is anticipating significant rain late Friday into Saturday morning, and Al Baird doesn't believe we would be able to get on the track until late in the day Saturday. Therefore, we are moving the event to Capital City Speedway. We've push back practice one hour to 10:00 am to allow for last minute changes. Please work with us and be patient as we do our best to make the best of a bad situation.

Hurricane Florence Cancels September 15 VDKA Race:

VDKA was scheduled to run September 15 at Brunswick Speedway, but the race has been canceled due to the rain and potential impacts of Hurricane Florence. This race will not be made up during the 2018 season.

VDKA Adds November 3 as a Race Date:

With three rainouts in the first three races of 2018, VDKA has added November 3 at Brunswick Speedway as a race date at the end of the schedule. It is unfortunate that we have to take this step, but we are grateful to our partner tracks for helping us find a date in a busy race schedule. Please plan to join us on November 3 and at all the other races we have planned for 2018.

June 2 VDKA Postponed Due to Weather:

Same song, different verse. Sorry folks. We waited as long as we could hoping for better news, but none came. The latest round of forecasts are predicting 70-100% chance of rain in our prime racing hours tomorrow. We're going to have to postpone. The weather is sometimes difficult, but this year it has been downright miserable. Thank you for sticking with us. We look forward to racing at Capital City on July 7.

May 19 VDKA Postponed Due to Weather:

Sorry (again) VDKA Racers, the weather is winning another round. With no sign of the sun, and showers predicted throughout the weekend, we're going to have to postpone our Albemarle Race planned for May 19 to a rain date. Please plan to join us for our next race planned for Brunswick Speedway on June 2.

April 7 VDKA Postponed Due to Weather:

Sorry VDKA racers. We've been hoping the forecast would improve, but it has refused to do so calling for nearly a 100% chance of rain, and possibly a winter mix, for Saturday. We are postponing this event and will use our July 7 rain date in its place. Our next event is planned for May 19 at Albemarle Speedway. If you pre-registered for the April race, we'll carry over your registration for our next race unless you request a refund. You will need to request Albemarle parking from Wes Morgan (call 252-207-1646). Thank you for your patience and support.

VDKA Race #1 Shifts to Capital City Speedway:

The good folks at Albemarle Speedway are hard at work preparing for the 2018 season, but unfortunately, due to recent weather conditions, the Albemarle team does not believe they will be ready for the first VDKA race on April 7. So VDKA will shift Race #1 to Capital City for that date, and Race #2 will be held at Albemarle Speedway on May 19. CCS has already had two big events this year, and the CCS team is confident they can be ready. Meanwhile, Doug, Tate, Wes and all the great folks that work to make Albemarle a fantastic place to race will be 110% ready, as they are each time we go there, for Race #2. We apologize for the change, but we all know the hard work that goes into preparing a track for a new year of racing, especially at Albemarle Speedway where they have some of the best racing on the east coast. Please help spread the word, and we look forward to seeing you in Ashland on April 7.

Final 2017 Points:

The year end Point Standings have been posted to the site. Please ensure your name is spelled correctly because this is what will be used for year end awards to be presented at the Banquet on January 20, 2018. Please contact Pete Guthrie with any corrections or clarifications.